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America's First 80s station, originally an FM station operating as WXST and occupying the 107.9 frequency on the FM dial in Columbus, Ohio from 1998 to 2001. Now exclusively on the Internet for all to enjoy with more variety than ever before.

Exclusive Shows

Welcome to "K TODD"! Before we had the 80's...we were lovin' the 70's! It was the Era of Mood rings, lava lamps, sea monkeys and pet rocks. We were watching disaster movies like "Earthquake", "The Towering Inferno" and "Airport", and on TV it was "All In The Family", "Happy Days", and the debut of "Saturday Night Live". But one of the most wonderful things of this era was K- Tel Records...you remember those albums sold on TV that gave us "22 original hits by the original stars".

K Todd is a tribute to this era of great music and memories. Join us each Monday evening at 8ET on www.star1079.com

Call Todd anytime to leave a request or comment voicemail...(315) 665-1970
Were Living in The 1980s with Smash Ventura. A weekly 3 hour long jolt of action, excitement, music and memories! Hosted by the one of a kind charismatic 80s showman Smash Ventura! Great 80s music and plenty of special features like, Retro mercials, cartoon and TV themes, at the movies in the 80s and so very much more! You will not hear an 80s show like this anywhere else than here on STAR1079.com!

Check it out Sunday Evenings, 8pm to 11pm EST on www.star1079.com

Take care & see ya in the past!
- Smash Ventura

80s Magic

Join Stuart Dickson for "80s Magic" every Sunday at 12pm (ET). There's an Extended 40 Minute Star-a-thon, Billboard Top 3, complete review of the Number 1s of the 80s & the very best variety of 80s hits from all your favorite artists. Visit our website at 80smagic.webs.com "80s Magic" only on star1079.com.

Syndicated Shows

Totally 80s
Each week Gary King takes you through 2 hours of the decadent decade.

Saturday @ Noon
Monday @ Noon.

BTT80s Join Ray every week for another Classic episode of amazing music from an amazing decade, the 80's! For 2 hours every week Ray counts down the top 10 songs of a random or requested week in the 80's, plus an awesome variety of 80's favorites to keep you singing along too!

Thursday @ noon
Saturday @ 2pm

STAR Personalities (Part 1)

The regular line up

  • Deborah George
  • Flounder
  • Pacrat
  • David Jenkins (Meteorologist)
  • Jake Sommers
  • Chuckman
  • Viper
  • Scott Fisher (Voice Guy)
  • Cisop Sixpence (Co-PD)


New Listen Page

2014 was certainly a hectic year for us as we had moved the studio, had to switch license providers due to restrictions and limitations by the copyright royalty board and we had countless problems with our listener page. However, 2015 looks promising. In our haste we made some bad choices and locked our selves into a contract which kept us from changing our listener page. The good news is that contract has now expired. We have made some changes, hope you like them. We also have upgraded our operating system (so long Win XP, you served us well) and upgraded our studio software to the latest version which gives us additional capabilities freeing up some time for our PDs.

Missing Some 80s?

Every once and a while we get a request for a song that we don't have already ripped off the LP, 8-Track or cassette, which causes us to make a mad dash down to the 80s Vault so we can hook up the patch cables and get it ready to play for you. If you know of an 80s song that we aren't playing, but should, then send us an email to 'requests' AT star1079.com and we will get it prep'd for play.

New in 2015

Did you hear KTODD has an 80s show? We are adding it to our line up. Catch it Wednesday's at 8pm. Maybe if he has time, he can also give us a 90s show (seems fair since he already does a 70s show).

Donations in Action

Thanks to your donations we've been able to continue to bring you Totally 80s with Gary King well into 2015. Unlike most shows it does not come to us freely and we hope to continue bringing you this much requested show through out 2015. While we do run some advertising breaks, it does not fully pay for the cost of running the station. That means we reach into our pockets at the end of each month and pay for bandwidth, licensing royalties, and streaming servers to keep this station running 24x7. In other words, we don't make a profit. We also discovered that our UPS has given up the ghost and our studio equipment is well over 10 years old. Long over due for upgrades to our physical hardware. Want help out? Let us introduce you to the STAR1079 Tip Jar.

STAR1079 Tip Jar

Running an Internet Radio station that makes over 234,000 Total Listener Hours available to tens of thousands of listeners each and every month can get expensive. You can help us keep this station on the internet with a donation of your loose change. It's NOT tax deductible, but it is fast and secure via debit or credit card thanks to PayPal.

Your Donation will help keep STAR 107.9 streaming on the internet, and make it less of a personal financial burden to the all volunteer staff that keep the station running. If you've already contributed, THANK YOU! and please keep helping us as you are able to in the future! If you haven't contributed, you are still welcome to listen, just keep in mind you're listening thanks to someone else supporting this station.

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STAR Personalities (Part 2)

The backup crew

  • Jason Roberts (Dir. Emeritus)
  • Kelly Quinn
  • Andrew Wright
  • Scary Larry
  • Billy Burke
  • Jeff Hunter
  • Vincent Riley (Co-PD)

... and anyone we've missed.